Wednesday, April 24, 2002
  Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so
that the other half may reach you --- Kahlil Gibran

Well, it's been another bad week as far as hosts go. I was once again reminded why I left Keenspace: Their constant downtimes. I'm eventually going to be forced into getting paid hosting and a paid domain name. Money well spent, I guess. Meanwhile, this is the temporary site. I'll also be updating Keensspace, when they are available!

First off is more of the new Cockraoch. It seems not everyone apprecaites the new form, but I enjoy the more abstract humor. Just a warning - the new strip might offend the religious amongst you: Jesus Loves You.

Psycindom, as always, is fun but not offensive. The female emotions are still in the wrong place, so have a look at the latest strip: What Women think

In the mixed bag I added Sex, a strip I did for Comicollage a while ago. It's pretty straight forward...

On the good news, I made the top 10 finalists of a local cartoon contest :D . The prize is having the strip published for a year in the newspaper. I'll post more of the strip once I get a yay or nay. It's not one of the current ones, though, since they were specific about format (which none of the current strips fitted).

c:\dos\run will be returning soon, just in case you were wondering...

After being given a 'stern warning' to do so or else by a friend (since she's a fan of the strip, and I read the strip), I also added a new strip to my Favourite Strips list, aka James, a cute series you might mistake as a Calvin & Hobbes clone, minus Hobbes. But its more innocent and cuter. Still, it has the same appeal.

Hope you enjoy the new strips!

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